Horse Heaven Clean Energy Center

Project Benefits

The Horse Heaven Clean Energy Center represents significant economic, employment, infrastructure, and environmental benefits that support the community.

Clean Energy in Washington

The development of wind energy has had measurable positive impacts on Washington state and its local communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does this project mean for your community? Get answers to common questions about wind energy and its impact on the environment and our local economy.

Harnessing the
Horse Heaven Wind & Sun

The Horse Heaven Clean Energy Center will combine wind, solar, and battery storage components to produce up to 1150MW of renewable energy for the region and the State of Washington. This hybrid approach will help stabilize grids, increase efficiencies, and lower power costs while creating significant economic opportunities in the form of jobs, development, and new revenue.

At full build-out, the Horse Heaven project will generate substantial community investment to Benton and Franklin County. The project will be located just south of the Tri-Cities and promises to create hundreds of well-paying jobs for the community.

The Horse Heaven Clean Energy Center is being developed by Scout Clean Energy, a utility-scale clean energy developer with an extensive track record developing large-scale projects and is supported by local experts and project managers with deep experience in the Tri-Cities.