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Email EFSEC in Support of the Horse Heaven Clean Energy Center

By clicking on the button below, an editable email will open in your email client that you can submit to show your support. Feel free to send it in as-is or edit the message to make it your own.

Climate Goals

The impacts of climate change are being felt every day here in Washington and throughout the planet. But Washington is fighting back - in 2019, Washington passed the Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA), which requires the state to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045. Transitioning from fossil fuels to clean energy sources will improve the health of communities, grow the economy, and help mitigate the climate crisis.

Clean energy

To meet these ambitious carbon-reduction goals, Washington will need to develop renewable projects, such as the Horse Heaven Clean Energy Center, capable of generating enough power to replace fossil fuels. With its hybrid approach of wind, solar, and battery storage, this project will be a vital step towards a cleaner energy future in Washington.

Take action

To ensure clean energy projects can be built on schedule and in time to meet Washington’s decarbonization goals, we need to demonstrate support from people like you. By submitting your comment today, you can help get this important project against the finish line.

Here's your chance to make Washington's clean energy transition a reality.

Your Climate Action Toolkit

There are several easy ways for you to submit your comment to the state – submitting your comments on an online form, sending an email, or writing a physical letter. See below for a step-by-step guide to each of these options.


By clicking on the button below, an editable, pre-populated email will open in your email client that you can submit to the state to show your support.

Online Direct Submission

Use the submit comment buttons on this page to make your voice heard. 

Physical Letter

You can also submit your comment by mailing a physical letter. Send your written comments, including your name, address, and the Docket Number EF-210011 to: 621 Woodland Square Loop PO Box 43172, Olympia, WA 98504

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