Clean Energy in Washington

Positive Impacts on Economy, Environment & Infrastructure

Washington became an early leader in the wind industry, with the first utility-scale project brought online in 2001. Developing the state’s wind resource has created economic development in Washington including 11 manufacturing facilities that produce components for the wind industry. In addition to job creation and billions of dollars in project investment, the wind industry invests heavily in local communities, providing significant revenue in the form of property, state and local taxes.

The development of wind energy had measurable positive impacts on Washington state’s economy, infrastructure and environmental health in 2018.

$6.5 Billion

Capital investment in Washington state wind projects through 2019

2 Million

Metric tons in annual CO2 emissions avoided in Washington state in 2019

909 Million

Gallons of water saved in Washington state in 2019


Washington state wind industry jobs in 2019

(Statistics from: AWEA State Wind Energy Facts)

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